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Client Testimonials

"Lower Itchen Fishery, and Lyndsey and Clayton personally, made for a most memorable day of fly fishing for myself and my guests. The fishery is suitable for both novice and experienced fly fishermen. The location is truly amazing; near to a large urban centre but retaining the tranquillity and peace of a very special, uniquely English habitat. For anyone who has not experienced the pleasure of being by a chalk river it cannot be more highly recommended."

Nigel Dodds

"What a fabulous day. 6 fish and 4 more risen but not taken. All within an hour of home. No need to travel 500 miles to Scotland! A day to live long in one's memory."

Dr Tim Haskins

"One word, outstanding. 6, 7 & 8 fish landed, numerous other opportunities, I don't think it gets much better than that, certainly not in the south of England, and only an hour from home. I am getting excited by the prospect of the 2011 season, can't wait! Many thanks."

Peter Littleworth

"What can I say, there I was enjoying a pleasurable day trout fishing when a monster got hold of my little trout fly and just wouldn't let it go. Which is just as well asI am not sure that I could have kept it on the line if the salmon wasn't determined to eat my fly, the line and then my rod. That is what it felt like.My first year fly fishing and what a place to start, with 105 trout from twenty two visits and one salmon and three sea trout. Nobody told me I was going to enjoy myself this much in my first year, thanks to Lyndsey, Mick Didlickand of course Clayton. Will I be back next year? What would you do?"

Michael Cole

"Congratulations on the highest salmon catch since records beganin 1954, coincidentally the year I first made contact with a salmon on rod and line, aged eight, and fishing for eels the salmon was bigger than me and very quickly gained his freedom, leaving me hooked for life.The fishery is a truly wonderful stretch of chalk stream where memories of boy-hood fishing expeditions are resurrected. On each visit I offer thanks to The Almighty for allowing me another day in paradise and on the next visit I will add a toast to your Grandfather and his vision. Keep up the good works. Kindest Regards"

Alan Rogers

"What a year! A glorious fishery serving up some incredible sport. A great experience to be involved in. Bring on 2011."

Mike Hornsby and Chicken Bob

"What a magnificent season, I cant wait until next year!"

Rob Straver

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